We inform you that your personal data, acquired or acquired by us, will be subject to processing in accordance with the legal requirements and the rights recognized by law as “concerned”.

A) The processing will include operations of: collection by telephone or telematics or in writing or in public registers, lists of acts and documents and / or public and / or private databases (commercial information companies), registration, organization, storage and processing on Paper, magnetic, automated or telematic supports, processing of data collected by third parties, modification, selection, extraction, comparison, use, interconnection also to data of other subjects on the basis of qualitative, quantitative and temporal criteria, recurring or definable at a time, Temporary processing aimed at the rapid aggregation or transformation of the data themselves, the adoption of decisions in an automated and / or discretionary form, the creation of profiles and information, communication, deletion and destruction of data, or combinations of two or more of the above operations.

B) It is forbidden to communicate to third parties in the execution of legal obligations or from regulations or other Community legislation, data will be communicated to us also abroad, to the following subjects: 1) banks and lenders, Making payments; 2) insurance companies; 3) recovery and / or transfer of credits; 4) commercial information companies; 5) consultants and professionals; 6) professionals and professional studies (legal, accountants, etc.); 7) auditors; 8) other companies, entities and / or individuals who carry out instrumental, supporting or functional activities for the execution of the contracts or services required by S.V. (Eg packing and sorting companies, carriers and conveyors, suppliers). Such subjects, with the exception of sub-contractors 1), will treat and in turn communicate data to third parties as “holders” pursuant to art. 28 of Legislative Decree 196/2003, in full autonomy.

C) The above mentioned treatment and communication will have the following aims: 1) to meet pre-contractual requirements (eg offer orders or orders, solvency checks); 2) fulfillment of contractual obligations (supply or purchase of goods and / or services) and legal (eg accounting, tax formalities, administrative, accounting and treasury management); 4) customer and supplier management; 5) trust management and risk control (fraud, insolvency, etc.); 6) litigation management and credit transfer); 7) instrumental financial services for the management of customers / suppliers and management of electronic payment instruments; 8) instrumental insurance services to customer / supplier management.

D) The transfer of data by S.V. Is compulsory only for the purposes of point (C) 1 to 8 above, and hence the Prior consent to treatment for these purposes is not necessary. The data will be processed for the duration of the contractual relations established with S.V., and, subsequently, for the duration necessary for the fulfillment of ours. Legal obligations, and to keep your business profile in order to streamline the selection of customers and / or suppliers. Consent is freely re-usable by S.V. The lack of consensus will render impossible the execution of the contractual relationship with S.V.

E) The holder of the processing of your personal data is CMM S.n.c. Of Montesello Adriano & C. with registered office in Via Carbonarola n. 15 – 36040 San Germano dei Berici (VI).

F) With regard to personal data, S.V. In any case, it may exercise the following rights, provided by D.Lgs. 196/2003: Art. 7, paragraph 1 (…): to obtain the confirmation of the existence or not of data concerning you, even if not yet registered, and Intelligible communication of such data; Paragraph 2 (…): also obtain the indication a) of the origin of the personal data; B) the purposes and methods of treatment; C) the logic applied when processing by means of electronic instruments; D) the identification details of the holder of the treatment responsible; Of the subjects or categories of subjects to whom the personal data may be disclosed or who may become aware of it as a designated representative in the territory of the State, of those responsible or in charge. Comma 3 (…): to obtain a) update, rectification or if you are interested in integrating the data; B) cancellation, transformation into anonymous form or the blocking of data processed in violation of law, including those that are not required to be kept in relation to the purposes for which they were collected or subsequently processed; (C) the attestation that the transactions referred to in points (a) and (b) have been made known, including their content, to those to whom the data have been communicated

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